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Ipark solutions

We bring Automation, Efficiency, Profitability, Effective Enforcement and Security to the Parking Management Industry.



We are driven by providing Automated Parking Solutions that can finally incorporate technological advancements into the parking industry for Parking Facilitations & Monetizations. 

We firmly believe that:

  • Our solution is much more affordable to setup & maintain in comparison to traditional gated operations  
  • Inefficiencies are currently decreasing profitability in the parking industry
  • Automatizing parking facilities can increase security  
  • Traffic flow will increase the flow of traffic queue
  • Online Mobile Payments will provide a better parking experience for drivers
  • Facilities will not longer have to track down send paper violation fines/reminders to violators
  • Our cloud based solution is extremely flexible, adaptive, easy to learn maintain 
  • Monthly parking invoices can be setup for drivers that require monthly passes to park on commercial properties   

Our solutions are unique and are customizable for every property. Request for a Free Consultation.


WE KNOW how inefficient the current parking system has been for drivers and facility operators. That is why we believe that your desired outcomes will be:

  • Reduce Congestion & Vehicle Emissions 
  • Increase Revenue from Parking Operations 
  • Decrease Enforcement Costs 
  • Decrease Driver Stress & Enhance Parking Experience
  • Save Time & Eliminate Paper Processes
  • Instantly Receive Payments via Online payments
  • Eliminate Expensive Maintenance Cost for Outdated on-site equipments 
  • Eliminate Fraudulent & Theft exposed cash refills in on-site pay stations
  • Reduce Impacts from Vandalization 
  • Eliminate Criminal Activities on facilities
  • Increase Accountability from staff responsible for site overseeing
  • Enforce Liability for operative decisions 
  • Substitute Physical Permits with Virtual Permits 
  • Eliminate Human Errors with accurate Computerized Solutions
  • Deny and Report Unwanted Blacklisted Vehicles on-site
  • Flag Suspicious Vehicles and Activities
  • Spot “Special Interest” Vehicles for authority and policing purposes

Our solutions are unique and are customizable for every property. Request for a Free Consultation.


Through Automation of your facility’s Parking Management System, you will be able to Streamline the process in a sustainable way!

By streamline automation, we mean having all of the following activities & information in an organized, easy to locate digital place!

You will be able to Locate, Monitor & Keep track of all:

  • Transactions 
  • Customer Data 
  • Vehicle Location
  • Violation Issuance
  • Availability Signals

Having all of the information in one centralized location makes parking management organized, effective and sustainable.

iPark Solutions makes this borderline effortless business perk possible via our cloud based softwareThis digital infrastructure is capable of utilizing a state-of-the-art sensor ecosystem.

As a result, iPark Solutions found a way to make the parking process as fluid, and intuitive as possible for drivers. 

Although eliminating the majority of traffic obstacles associated with parking management is a huge achievement, we took things one step further. 


Our Holistic Solutions ensure that Your Facility’s Reputation Strengthens as well!

We factored in driver experience, specifically in regards to marketability, so your facility provides a long-lasting positive driver experience!

It is evident that almost all organizations and businesses put a great deal of importance, ensuring that their customers are satisfied.

Businesses and organizations that are capable of generating such feelings tend to increase customer retention as well as achieve organic growth via word of mouth or other methods.

Taking this simple fact into consideration, we designed our parking management system to facilitate driver experience via customization.