Tactical Enforcement protects parking facility investments by safe-guarding your establishment by providing constant situational awareness via cutting edge technology.

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The enforcement aspect of a parking management system involves verifying if a driver has paid, confirming a vehicle is authorized to be there, issuing citations, and towing when necessary.

Accomplishing these tasks using traditional methods is a time-consuming endeavor, riddled with the potential for human-error, and other unwanted mishaps. One of the best solutions to bypass these outdated problems is our Tactical Enforcement service, capable of the following.

  • Automated violation issuance and fine collection
  • Updates of repeat violators or other offenses
  • Track peak violation periods making it possible to proactively request a patrol vehicle

To accomplish this, iParkSolutions makes it possible for parking facility owners to keep tabs on incoming data at all times, as well as provide personnel access to select data based on their individual clearance.

Citation Assist

At the lowest tier, this level only grants limited access to real-time data. After logging in, personnel may manually search for permits, bans, and other driver-related data needed to perform most customer service tasks.

In addition, device has fast-access buttons, barcode scanner, GPS functionality, and location reporting to deter theft.

Citation Lite

For personnel on the go, the patroller level includes everything in the basic tier, plus other viable features needed to maintain safety. When an issue occurs that needs attention, a flashy Gui display pops up increasing the odds of being noticed even if the patroller is not looking at the app.

Patrollers can also use the device to create and update violation status, as well as distribute tickets via the built-in printer.

Citation Pro

Equipped with everything needed to complete parking management tasks, the advanced level provides an automated version of all of the services included in the other tiers. Personnel can gain access to large data sets in a timely manner and instantly find customer data via an image of plate information or VIN number.

These unique data tiers are automatically implemented on wifi enabled handhelds and signified based on unique Android icons to make distribution easy.

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