Our Backgrounds & Experiences has Inspired our Solutions!

Paul Lemmon

CEO of iPark Solutions

Transforming the traditional parking management system into an intuitive, profit saving process is no easy feat. Yet, despite the overwhelming barriers associated with such a huge task, Paul Lemmon never backed down from the challenge. 

Through sheer determination, inspiration, leadership, and insight into what the parking process could be, Lemmon was able to eliminate many of the ailing inefficiencies in the archaic system. 

Using this valuable information, Lemmon founded iPark Solutions in late 2015.

Since then, iPark Solutions, an Ontario-based company, has evolved its cloud based parking management solutions to eventually become the newest, most effective and reliable system in Canada. And as impressive as that is, iPark Solutions did not achieve all that overnight.

Founder of iPark Solutions, Paul Lemmon, started handling difficult situations early in his career as a member of the law enforcement community. Here, Lemmon was able to gain keen insights into the law, specifically in regards to violations, rules, and restrictions. 

Along the way, he discovered parking management owners could use the information he learned to their advantage. Excited by this newfound potential, Lemmon retired from the law enforcement community after 15 years to found Arrowhead Parking Services, a parking lot management company in 2002. 

Here, Lemmon became familiar with the inefficiencies plaguing the parking management system. According to him, “Working so closely with my clients, I knew what their frustrations were”.

Lemmon went on to say: “I was always on the look-out for solutions, but I wasn’t willing to offer any old stop-gap measure. It had to be the best solution possible.” Over the next Five years, Lemmon focused on trying to find a way to eliminate inefficiencies in the parking management system. 

Thanks to this commitment, Lemmon was able to visualize how to solve most of the issues associated with the parking industry. 

One such solution is known as Tactical Enforcement. This cutting edge methodology streamlines parking enforcement via superior situational awareness to make the entire process more efficient.

And they are now available to you via his company, iPark Solutions. Our company has extensive experience in parking management systems, cloud storage optimization, and the technical know-how you need to remove profit consuming inefficiencies in your business. 

We pride ourselves on delivering purpose driven safety and security solutions you can rely on to bring your traditional parking management system into the 21st century.

Tore B. Stenbock

Chief Technology Officer & Partner

Backed by over 23 years of professional experience, our technical developer, and business partner. Tore B. Stenbock, has a respectable history steeped in technical, operational, and leadership roles. 

After graduating from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a Master of Science degree, Stenbock seeked a way to utilize his skills in an effective manner.

To accomplish this, Stenbock took on positions best suited to harness the information he possessed. Overtime, he was able to become a seasoned senior manager, capable of directing operations and business units for companies around the world. 

Thanks to his keen know-how, businesses collaborating with Stenbock were able to meet operational and financial objectives, regardless of which industry the company was in. Needless to say, his remarkable talent did not go unnoticed. 

Before relocating from Europe to Canada in 2006, Stenbock led a plethora of successful, revenue increasing projects in the global marketplace for Ericsson, a network and telecommunications company.  After the move, our technical partner fulfilled roles responsible for architecture development, as well as planning logistics, operations, and revenue streams. 

However, he did not stop there. Prior to partnering with iPark Solutions, Stenbock took part in implementing, and optimizing, a national telecom network capable of connecting communities across North America.

When asked how he managed to successfully achieve such daunting tasks, Stenbock attributed his resilience to a consistent focus on establishing process matrixes, specifically those capable of producing a guaranteed optimal outcome. 

Deducing such valuable information can only be achieved from first hand experience in perfecting work flows, procedures, corrective actions, and optimization implementation, which includes but is not limited to acquiring accurate measurement precision. As a result of his unwavering dedication, Stenbock helped companies gain leverage in very competitive markets they were not able to access before.

To-date, our technical partner leads project worldwide by managing developer teams for various businesses. These projects are primarily in the communications sector where secure cloud processes are of the highest importance. 

Most recently, Stenbock led the team responsible for reestablishing satellite communications in the Bahamas after Dorian, a category 5 hurricane, ripped through the area. Thanks to his efforts, Stenbock and his team were able to bring the city back online.

iPark Solutions relies on Stenbock due to his proven track history and impressive accomplishments.