Onboarding Assistance

Our Solutions and Services are not a "One Size Fits All"!

Onboarding Assistance ensures you are equipped with the right Knowledge and Training for your iPark Solutions Experience!

Below is a walk-through on how our Onboarding Assitance Process works!

Our Onboarding Assistance services provides full assistance by presenting your facility, personnel and operators with an in-depth highly informative Operational Handbook. 

The Operational Handbook is customized, designed and created to be implemented for your unique facility’s needs and wants. 

Our Onboarding Assistance consists of key elements such as: 

  • Audits & Analysis 
  • Adjustments to your unique organizational structures
  • Technical Training & Education
  • Operational Training & Maintenance 
  • Management Reporting & Analytics 
  • Analysis & Data Management 
  • Reporting & Communication 

Find out how our Onboarding Assistance can be beneficial for your property and facility by clicking on the tab below to book a Free Consultation!