Onboarding Assistance ensures you are equipped with the right Knowledge and Training for your iPark Solutions Experience!

Below is a walk-through on how our Onboarding Process works!

Every parking facility is different. Using this to your advantage does not have to be challenging. Our onboarding assistance service ensures you are able to capitalize on your parking facilities distinct features without the guesswork.

To start the process, we conduct a Parking Process Analysis. Using our sensor ecosystem, we are able to generate a personalized action improvement plan. This report highlights the profit draining inefficiencies lingering in your system, as well as how to eliminate them!

With this information, we generate an in-depth Operational Handbook, designed to be used as a quick reference resource. This easy-to-digest content outlines the implementation process, based on the unique needs, and wants, of your facility.

Key elements include:

  • Auditing Process
  • Initial Analysis Results
  • Future Analytics Steps
  • Viable Structure Adjustments
  • Management Reporting Methods
  • Communication & Data Best Practices
  • Personnel Training, Education, & Maintenance

Onboarding Assistance may start with the Parking Process Analysis, but it does not end with the Operational Handbook. We want to ensure business owners are able to get the most out of iParkSolution technology. And the best way to do so is by staying in touch.

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