Our remote permit management system is a web based virtual vehicle registration module that provides a fully integrated management facility for the client’s permits. iPermit is extremely flexible in regards to permit types; any number of permit types can be configured into the system and each permit type can be unique in its configuration Some features include.

  • Multi- permit cloud platform
  • Unlimited permit classes
  • Unlimited rate structure options
  • Unlimited corporate structure

  • Some advantages for switching to a real time permit system

  • Digitizing permit operations helps reduce errors. Fees are calculated automatically and can be processed online

  • Our Virtual permit software is designed to replace the window sticker style of permit, log and monitor all vehicle registration numbers on a single or multiple store car park.

  • If you find that space within your car park is becoming limited due to unauthorized parking then our permit software is the perfect solution.

  • The system is simple to use and easy to set up, the software will be hosted on the web and can be accessed from any working pc with internet connectivity.