About Us

Welcome to the modern age of advanced parking solutions

As in all walks of life, the rapid advance of technology is taking an ever-more central role in the provision of effective parking solutions. We have taken the concept of integrated services to a brand new level where our customers are regarding it as an important, if not indispensable, partner in their business operations. We have successfully synchronized and integrated relevant technology with advanced parking management services.

The implementation of a License Plate Recognition Solution will address, facilitate Optimal Management for operations there by improving Parking Garage Services and Processes, which lead directly to a better auditing, customer satisfaction and guarantee reduction in revenue loss…

Our Philosophy

iPark Solutions won’t just sell a product – iPark Solutions will deliver a solution, customized and engineered to achieve specific results. We believe in choice and flexibility. And our aims are clear and simple; To deliver the most appropriate electronic parking solution that meets your requirement.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is a simple but a challenging one. We are dedicated to provide our customers with REAL parking solutions and products that are at the leading edge of advanced parking management in the 21st century.

In short we provide the technology and processes to patrol, secure and manage your parking Facility by utilizing forward thinking technology and real time data management.